Thursday, January 19, 2006

This should fix the margin problem, and boy does it show off the graphics even more. Huzzah. Keep an eye out for more cosmetic updates. Thanks, Marguerite!

Group went well last night; everyone's on track, and ideas are starting to creep back into my brain for the next book, The Wild Rover -- a few new developments I hadn't thought of before, which should help the story along greatly, and let me justify watching hours of Survivor on tape. I look forward to getting back to Drew and Trista...but still need to finish Simon and Jonnet's story first.

I've been doing a lot of reading online from various sources, and even if the historical market is going through a soft period, I firmly believe it's ready for a resurgence. Better than ever maybe? Maybe. It's still what I'm passionate about reading and writing, and what naturally comes out no matter what sort of story I sit down to tell. I may soon start myself on a program of rereading and studying the historical romances that are in my personal classics collection. How can I incorporate what works for me from those stories into my own work, and keep what doesn't work, out. All with my own personal flavor, of course. Should be an experience.

Currently finishing reading Jennifer Blake's recent historical, A Challenge to Honor and enjoying that muchly. Set in 1840s New Orleans, not usually my parvenue, and admittedly bittersweet in light of recent events, I find myself completely swept into the atmosphere, which is something I love dearly whenever it happens. I will definetly be getting the sequel, and apparently several more are in the works. I will clear shelf space now.

Up next in my reading revue; Lady Anne's Dangerous Man by Jeane Westin. Restoration era, highwayman, gorgeous cover, I am there. It's a review copy, so will post here when I have the review up at

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Anna, your fabulous guest snark is up at Snarkling Clean. Great job, you sexy beast!