Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm fine, but the husband now has a bug. ::sigh::

Good work day, though. Spent much much time listening to AOL music. Now feel compelled to go out and actually (gasp) buy a CD of some sort. Who says writers don't need math? Matchbox Twenty, Five for Fighting (who I think is only one guy, or at least I heard that somewhere.) Very important to the creative process. Also have a novella idea brewing from the "Living With Grace" video that has nothing to do with Will & Grace; beautiful song, and it's telling me its own story.

Got a couple of overdue personal letters out and ready to roll, which is also good, and on the professional side, managed a more detailed outline of the next section of my hero's action for OitS. Quite pleased with that. Of course it means I have to use Charles Stuart (Chuckie II) as an actual character, which gives me a small case of the heebie jeebies, but as long as I can keep it to a cameo, I should be fine.

Also need to figure in new information I have on travel time, so I will actually know (huzzah, huzzah) how long it taketh hero and heroine to get from here to there and then from there to the other place. Which means I can go back in and add the seasonal details that have been conspicuously absent. Which can plump out my page count a bit.

Still no Romantic Times. Wah, fury. Whole sections of car magazines but no RT. Feh. Though Survivor tonight, if the husband is feeling up to it. If not, reading on the couch while he snoozes.

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