Sunday, October 17, 2004

Made the mistake yesterday of looking at the Sims2 guidebook in Target and yes, now I must have Sims2. Of course on the next computer, whenever that happens, but in the meantime, have been giving very unsubtle hints that Sims Vacation or Superstar had best be in my loot on the 24th.

Yep, birthday time again, and no I won't say what number, but I am the same age as Star Trek and the Monkees. You may do the math if so inclined.

I happen to love birthdays. Don't neccessarily have to be mine, but that's always an extra plus. I am a big-fuss person where such days are concerned, even for other people, though most of my family is of the less-fuss variety. Can make for some interesting situations at times, but hey. Variety makes life interesting.

For the past couple years, the husband has come up with the perfect gift, which proves he really does know and love me. He takes me to Barnes and Noble and lets me run amok, and he will not complain about whatever covers are on the books he has to take up to the register. It does occur to me that I've been nicer to him than I could in taking advantage of such generosity. May have to browse during the week and call it practise shopping. Be sure to include the music and stationery sections of B&N, not just the books.


Teresa said...

Happy Birthday a little early. My dh gave me a great book and a gift certificate for more books on my B-Day. What could be better?! Hope you have a great day!

Sharon said...

A slightly ahead of time happy birthday. My granddaughter's BD is coming up soon and the best present I can get for her is a gift card for, you guessed it, Barnes and Nobles. While visiting early last summer I took her there as it is her favorite place. She read 8 books in 3 hours..and of course, Grams bought her a couple of more..


Marguerite Arotin said...

Yep, b-day's are fun. Hope your's is a great one, Anna 'cause you deserve it ;-). Keep looking at Sims2 everyime I go shopping and every time I find the will-power to put it back on the shelf because I know it will cut into my writing time but if Santa should happen to leave it under my Christmas tree, I wouldn't return it LOL :-). Take care, Anna & have a great day!