Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Part of me feels slightly guilty, and part of me feels gleefully proud. I've converted another Simmie, my cp, Vicki. A few days ago, she wasn't sure about Sims, now she's buying all of the expansion packs. Bwaahahahaha. Once we have the same packs installed, we can trade families. I finally got the hang of putting stuff up on the official Sims exchange, so been doing a lot of that lately.

Writing -- gorgeous. I have hit that "I am there" stage once more. Even though I have that "throat may be sore in a day or two" feeling (and husband came home from work last night sans voice, oh joy and bleh) it's overriden by the fact that I can wake up in my characters' heads, and it's more fun than scary. Yay, writing. I think part of it is having energy devoted to something that is creative-y but not actually writing. In this case, Sims.

Also experimented with the watermark stamped background I want to do on this year's Christmas (post)cards. Works great. Now to print off all my stuff for writing group and reward myself with a warm bath.

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