Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Dance Friday #97 - The Game's Afoot

I wasn't sure what I was going to blog about this week, but life does throw us surprises. Consider two friends who surprised me with a very useful item as a gift (but more on that later) and an intriguing item that showed up in my Facebook sidebar.

I would never have guessed that there's a Dancing With the Stars online game, but there is, and it's here. Or:
if that link doesn't work.

It may take a while to load, but the music is good. Players get to design an avatar of either gender, and choose a professional partner. I generally make my avatars redheads but that option wasn't available, at least at this level, for free, so I ended up with a blonde avatar who reminds me of my time traveling heroine, Summer. Nothing I'd intended, but eh, it happens, and I have her book on the brain, so I will deal.

Since it wouldn't be much of a ballroom game without a partner, that was the next step. Though Derek Hough was one of the options, I didn't pick him because he's Gerri's guy. Instead, I scrolled through other choices, worthy gentlemen all. Was leaning toward Maks because, well, Maks, but hold on a minute. They have Pasha? As in Pasha Kovalev? As in my secret dance crush? As in the new pro on Strictly Come Dancing? As in this guy:

Since Pasha may have had something to do with inspiring one of the characters in one particular story, playing this game will remind me to keep writing. I will admit that I got stuck in one phase of the game setup and couldn't seem to get Pasha dressed, but as a friend told me, that isn't a problem many women would complain about. I got over it, and though I'm still learning, I've mastered bronze level on the first skill and am looking forward to more. I don't know yet if one can have "friends" on this game, but if so, I'm Unzadi over there, and friendly competition is always welcome.

What about you, faithful readers and fellow dance fans? Will you be playing?

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13Secrets said...

Hey! I'm trying to get ahold of you--I read a comment of yours on a Master of the Universe/50Shades comparison post, and thought I'd reach out.

I have written several articles, essays, and a white paper about fanfiction. I've been in the HP fandom since... a long time! I first started writing fanfiction when I was 12 off Anne Rice, before I even knew what it was (and that it was illegal to publish).

If you'd like to read any of my work for your class, let me know. I really really love fanfiction!

LovesFanfic@Wordpress, LovesDramione@Blogspot, 13Secrets@Livejournal igotawand@Tumblr (I'm obsessive).