Friday, February 04, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #35 Happy Dance Friday Goes Bang

Funny Pictures - Lizard Has Feets
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These days, mine are usually encased in heavy socks and heavy boots to go out in heavy snow. I do not want to think about the mire the ground will turn into when spring arrives. No idea if lizards will be pleased about the extra mud or not, but I couldn't resist lizard feet. Reminds me, I have a tub of shea butter I haven't opened yet.

If last night's Big Bang Theory didn't provide a perfect candidate for Happy Dance Friday, I have taken too much cold medicine.

Though I didn't spot Amy Farrah Fowler in the above number (am I wrong and I missed her?) we can't have a Big Bang dance without Mayim Bialik, so the opening credits from Blossom:

Since those of us under the white stuff could use a lesson in perserverence, a musical montage of the never-say-die attitude that is Howard Wolowitz:

A good happy dance gets the blood circulating, which means extra warmth, so clear some floor space and get a groove on.

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