Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #38 - Blackpool Weekend pt 1

Our first themed weekend (that I actually intended) and I have only myself to blame. After last week's inclusion of a clip from Blackpool, I've had "The Boy With the Thorn in His Side" stuck in my head all week long, and now have a burning desire to rewatch Blackpool. Preferably all in one big glob, so may have to hunt down the DVD.

In the meantime, dancing today and talking tomorrow.

We'll start with some time honored words of inspiration

This song often plays in the back of my mind when waiting for my turn at a pitch session:

An appropriate anthem for when the words are flowing and pages filling, likely a good addition to my "go to work" playlist

And because the heroine of my time travel would come straight out of the book and kick me while wearing stompy boots if I had a blog post about Blackpool (I tried to tell her I'm talking about the TV serial, not the town, but she insists) that did not include the ballroom championships, here we go:

She is now insisting I get back to work on her edits, so Happy Friday to all, and we'll be back to Blackpool tomorrow.

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