Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #37 -Who's Dancing?

Another Friday, another post closer to the fortieth happy dance post. A number that high strikes me as surreal this morning, and so the theme was born. I'm not a Dr. Who fan myself, but the DH is and I see another one on a daily basis, and yes, I do know what "dance" means in-universe on certain occasions. Make of that what one will.

I loved "The Dance" ever since I first heard Garth Brooks' version, Westlife does it proud, I wholeheartedly second the sentiment...and okay, Ten leaving Rose with Ten-clone ripped a piece of my heart out.

Not from Dr. Who itself, but David Tennant was in Viva Blackpool, a brilliant bit of a musical/detective/character study. Expect to see more of that some Saturday.

Knowing what "dance" is a euphemism for in-universe, I question the song choice, but the clips are fun:

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