Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Dance Friday #20 Game On/Going Gaga

I had other plans for the 20th edition of Happy Dance Friday, but real life (see video) threw a few curves, so here's what we get.

I hadn't heard of The Guild until yesterday, and the only gaming I do is Sims-related, and this isn't only dancing, but it gets me inspired to work. There is dancing, it is happy,so here we go:

M.P. Barker once told me a really funny story about singers at the living history museum where she once worked, singing modern songs to period melodies. I remember the theme from Gilligan's Island was mentioned, and some formula about beats and arrangement. I, myself was kicked out of high school chorus, so I can't explain further than that, but that's what came to mind when I saw this next clip. I haven't seen Newsies and really, after this, the real thing would fall short.

or this

Whoever is doing these mashups is a genius:

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