Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Anybody out there with experience on removing a stuck floppy disk from the disk drive? This thing is fingernail-munchingly stuck and refuses to budge even a smidge. Ah well, that is one good thing about being a five minute walk from Best Buy. I may be getting to know the Geek Squad soon.

Other than that, progress on OitS clips along. I'm at the point where my heroine is about to ditch her biofamily and make a break to head back to the Isle of Man. She hates to skip out on her mother in law, so she'll let that one in on her plans, but this is something she has to do. I'm kind of lump in the throat-y about it myself. I like heroine's MIL.

This is a trying time for my heroine, as she's going to be out on her own, among people, for the very first time as she tries to get her own transport. Still, it's what she has to do, so she's going to get about it. So she's going to have to give her creator a kick in the patoot to get things into gear.

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sea princess said...

stumbled upon your site. would like to hear more about your heroine heading back to isle of man as i feel i could have been that heroine myself. isle of man is the most beautiful place on this earth and i would like to read your work about this magnificent island
thank you