Friday, February 03, 2006

I spent most of my morning today crafting the immunity idol for my local RWA chapter. Whoever possesses the idol cannot be volunteered for anything at that meeting. I'd mentioned it as a joke at lunch one month and the other gals insisted I actually make it. We'll see if it passes muster. Sorry, no digicam, so no picture yet. Nor can I show you my very painty fingers, but take my word for it.

Speaking of immunity idols, new season of Survivor started last night; I watched it live while taping Dancing With the Stars (and the following Primetime Live special on ballroom dancind.) Should be an interesting round this season. Still getting to know everyone, but Cirie looks like one to watch, and how neat is it that they have an author on board? I'm sure he'll get a ton of ideas from this experience. Lots of potential in a shipwreck situation. Okay, so he's not a romance writer, but the setting is a natural. Love the whole Exile Island factor, too.

Had a name from my random idea file float to the top of my noggin when I went to check my email. I can't remember when I thought of Lennox Matthews as a heroine name, but it's there and perhaps it's her way of leaving a calling card of sorts. Not talking to me yet, only letting me know she's there when I'm ready for her.

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