Friday, February 10, 2006

First time in around a month I've been able to do any stamping. I got the Feb/Mar issue of Stamper's Sampler last night, got inspired by some fabulous envelope designs this morning, so after breakfast, I decided to get started. When I was stopped by two realizations that hit at the exact same moment -- 1) I had misplaced the most important stamp I neeeded for this project, and 2) my jeans split. It's okay; they had led a long, full life and were too big for me anyway, but they were ready to lay it down at last.

Since the other winter-ready things I could possibly wear are in the wash, I am now dressed, ah, creatively on the bottom half. May have to send my friend Linda by Target on the way to come grab me to do evening errands so she can pick up something that will fit me and *not* look like I mugged a clown on my way to the beach. Ahem. I really do look quite well put together from the waist up.

Big ol' snowstorm headed our way which should seal me in at home on Saturday. That might actually be nice. I can finish judging Golden Heart entries and read books for review. Okay, and play Sims2 until my eyeballs fall out. I am nothing if not realistic. Does hot chocolate and teeny flavored marshmallows count as a necessity? I'm thinking yes.

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Debbie said...

Hot Chocolate always counts as a necessity. Especially when you lose a pair of jeans. Even more especially if it's cold out and you're reading romances.