Friday, October 07, 2005

Though I do give previous spammers points for politeness, I do not posess the particular organ which the last one kindly offered to augment and so have added word verification to the comments here. While I may miss the mild amusement the spammy comments bring, I can get the same effect but better by reading Dilbert, so really it is for the best. Real comments are more than welcome.

Thought I'd blog while still in my good mood buzz from watching the Degrassi Old School episodes I'd recorded last night. Degrassi geek from way back, and yes, I was an adult then, too. Spike and Snake, Joey and Caitlin forever. ::geeky sigh::

On more adult matters, my romance book group was last night and the book of the month is Brenda Joyce's The Masquerade. Which is apparently the second in a family series, though it has three "ancestor" books with members of the family from centuries past whose descendents are the "current" (I think 19th century?) protagonists.

I've been wanting to try Brenda Joyce for a while now, so this is good timing. There is one thing, though. I am a stickler for reading series in order. So though this is the "assigned" book, I now have a reading list to take to the UBS so I can zoom through those first. I know I have the very first one in the attic, and will probably need to pick up the sequel to that, as well as The Prize, which is the precursor to our book of the month. The Game is also connected, but from another branch of the family, so I can dive in even though it's chronologically later than the first two. Technically the only book really related (Joyce fans correct me if I'm wrong) is The Prize, but this is my thing -- must read connected books in order or mountains will fall, rivers dry up and poodles will get funny haircuts.


Marguerite Arotin said...

Oh my gosh, where did they have the old Degrasi? Loved that show. If we ever have a little girl I'm naming her Caitlin because I loved the name and that character. I liked Spike too but thought I could relate to Caitlin better as far as the girls go. Had a huge crush on Joey :-). Oh & have you heard anything from Gina at AHOS? I miss her and hope she's okay

Anna said...

They're showing it on Noggin network. Go to for showtimes. I think it's Sundays through Thursdays from here on in, but they had some episodes last night. Caitlin was my favorite, too, and such a lovely name. Agree on Joey -- ::happy sigh:: Now if they'd get their adult act together, I would be one happy camper.

I saw Gina last night-- she's had some puter woes but she's working on fixing that. Email me for details. I know she misses everyone.