Monday, October 24, 2005

Rheuben Bowling -- That's the DH's name, and I promised him I'd put it in the first line of my blog today. My dearly beloved, wonderful husband, best friend, wonderful cook, who found no returns on his own name when he Googled himself, but found lots of mentions for me, hence the mention here. Hopefully this will net him one. I in no way expect this to affect the choice of restaurant for the evening's bday dinner.

I always enjoy birthdays -- don't always have to be mine, though this one is, and gives me an excuse to bake brownies or cinnamon snack cake. Haven't decided which, though now that I've typed "cinnamon" I am leaning in that direction.

One of my gifts to me is beginning to transfer data -- actual, usable story data-- from Frankenstein to Petunia. Cut and paste, and I can at least set up the files. The actual Word software I need is on the way and should arrive in a day or two. I'm enjoying the time without Word, too, in a strange way. I can concentrate on the story and the process when fretting about page count and format is not an option. Still looking forward to sticking that Word CD in, though.

Also on a writing boost was great letter from and IM session with my friend E, (visit to meet her) on Friday and assembling a TBR pile that whets my appetite for the thick. complex, detailed historicals I love. Finshed reading Brenda Joyce's The Prize in preparation for our reading group's selection of its sequel, The Masquerade, this Thursaday. I am reading fast. I have Virginia Henley's Unmasked (Restoration England, yay!) and Bertrice Small's The Last Heiress (the finale to the Friarsgate Inheritance series set in Tudor England, again, yay) -- with discussion on the All About Romance boards on big thick historical book nostalgia, which I have in a big way. Though that's another topic.

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