Thursday, September 29, 2005

September Rain

Can’t believe it’s been a whole week, and only a week at the same time. DH is feeling poopy, work puter has been crashy, actual writing sludgy, reading fell into the bleh zone, but on the bright side, I can see both rain and foliage from the office window. Plus the neighbor’s rain-slick black roof, which is a lovely thing. Weather is cooler, and I’ve actually worm sweaters and boots and brought out the fuzzy duck blankey I pilfered from my Dad’s house years ago. Dad is not getting the duck blankey back for love or money. It’s too fuzzy, too warm, and too ducky to give back. Sorry, Dad.

Went out to dinner with members of my current nag group and the group from before that, last night. Found a faboo new restaurant with the best chili I’d ever had – ever— and a quite sophisticated bleu cheese cajun burger on panini (am I now too snooty for myself?) with pumpkin ice cream for dessert. Must also add that …drum roll please… I was able to wear one of my favorite thin outfits last night after a long fat summer. Thin clothes, huzzah! Always a good thing.

Got to watch last night’s LOST, LAW & ORDER and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE this morning, while writing on a rainbow colored legal pad in the comfy chair, drinking various teas out of a pinky-purple latte mug. Which has now been dubbed my favorite tea vessel, edging out the shamrock mug and the "I (heart) Las Vegas" mug I commandeered from a friend.

Good TV helps the creative process, though I do need to reconnect with earlier events in OitS. I need to get this sucker done and out there, if that’s okay with real life. Okay, it’s not okay with real life, but I need to push and finish anyway. There are new stories that want my attention, and the bratty MOH is getting restless for the big debut in January.


Marguerite Arotin said...

Hi Anna :-).
Haven't been here in awhile I know but I have been thinking about you :-). I forgot to watch Lost on Wed night. Grr, I got hooked and forgot about it. So what happened down in the hatch and who was that guy who was holding them by gun point? I'll have to remember to watch this week. Remind me if you drop by my blog :-)

alena said...

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I'll be sure to come back.

Robyn said...

I was incensed! I turned on Law and Order to watch my Vincent D'onofrio and got Chris Noth instead! Grrr...not that I don't like Chris. He's just not Vincent. ~sob~

Thanks for visiting snarkling clean and giving us a plug, BTW!

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Joanne Finnegan said...

Hello, Anna,
I just did a Google search for "rainbow colored legal pad" and your blog was the ONLY hit! I bought two of these several months ago and they are almost used up. Now I can't find more. Please, please - WHERE did you find them????


Anna said...

Ooh, traveling back in time to this entry. :)

Joanne, I got my rainbow colored legal pads at WalMart. They have regular size and mini, and they are a must-have for writing longhand for me.

btw, yay Vermont! Lived in Montpelier for two years, and loved it. Gorgeous country.