Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hello, yeah, it's been a while/not much, how about you?

Whoops, that's "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" -- and if I can find the 90s version, I will pounce on it. Love the original, but there's soemthing special about the same artists doing it with more mature voices.

Been keeping busy over here. Partly trying to figure out why it is that Olivia kitty sits on the other side of the desk when she wants to be in my lap (I'm supposed to pick her up and put here there; cats rule.) Have finally come to the conclusion that office space as is, is a creativity sucking void. This coming from the woman who tapes Designing for the Sexes and Designer's Challenge every day. Weirdly yellow-beige walls, insufficient light (for Dilbert fans, yes, I do expect to see Phil and his big spoon) and though I love my hutch, facing the wall while I work doesn't. This should be an interesting endeavor.

I may have the chance to exhibit some of my art in an honest to goodness small gallery. Have never done that before, so another interesting endeavor.

Slogging through the current scene in actual writing, though I have absolutely no trouble figuring what everyone would be singing about if the novel were an Elton John musical. (Yes, I have been listening to too much of EJ's Aida. Want to make something of it?) Now to translate that into actual prose.

New project for the other WIP -- find my heroine's secret life. I've had the same feedback on her from two trusted critters, so my job now is to get a handle on what it is about her that fascinates the hero. How does he know that she's in the same emotional place he is? Must put on thinking cap in preparation for brainstorming. Plus watch copious hours of the first season of Highlander. Ah, the things I do for my art.

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Kat said...

Ah...a mention of Highlander. When one's muse needs assistance, a HL-fest works wonders. Maybe I need a dash of that meself!

Am currently on a "blast from the past" kick, in that I am revisiting my old interest in Donny Osmond. Some would look at me like I'm a crazy woman, but the man's talented...what can I say?

"E" me, won't you?