Thursday, September 22, 2005

Oh my. I do believe I've found another must-read blog for my daily rounds. I'd say tea and crumpets for everyone involved, but in a certain context, that's really none of my business.

Getting ready to start the day's writing, with a boost that:

A) last night was the season premiere of LOST and I got to watch it with DH, who is as hooked as I was.

B) My copy of The Sims2:NightLife came in yesterday's mail, and it is gooooooood. Come on, a computer game about the search for one's perfect mate? Perfect for romance writers.

C) I got to play TS2:NL while watching LOST with the DH

D) Mail also contained a thank-you letter from a writer whose ms I had judged in a contest, and hearing that she'd placed second in her category. Woot! I do remember her story, and I will definitely buy it whenever it comes out. I've judged several contests, and this is only the second thank-you letter I've recieved (the other one being from someone I had met in person, but whose name wasn't on the ms) so it was extra-special. This gets a scrapbook page for sure.

E) I am actually hunting down quotes for My Outcast Heart. A bit skeery, doing that, but I've had my first yes, so that's a boost.

F) I get an extra work day on Saturday. I was supposed to go to a stamp show with a friend, but she couldn't make it, and needs me to catsit while she is elsewhere, so I can put Simon and Jonnet through some more heck (and possibly some tea and crumpets) in the morning and then go home and Sim in the afternoon, as DH will also be working.

Yep, good to be me.

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