Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Greetings from the naked chick on the third floor.

Which may well be how the housepainters think of me now. Two days in a row, I look up from the tub and yep, housepaintery shape behind the blinds. As of yesterday there was also plastic on the windows, so anything either of us can see of each other is shadowy at best, and those guys seem to be working hard, so I'm counting it all safe.

Of course, naked might be prudent -- the shrink-wrapped windows turn the place into a sauna, so thank God for fans. T-shirt style coverup will do for now. Still debating how much brainpower the heat will suck out of me and if I will have enough for nag group tonight. Probably a lot, so we may scrub the meeting.

Got jumped by a medieval idea while listening to Sting's "Mad About You" (which has nothing to do with the sitcom) this weekend, so into some research and plotting with that. Good thing one of my cp's is both a medieval nut and in the medical field, as I will be picking her brain like a hungry vulture on this one.

Time to go grab a notebook from the living room, and yep, I hear painters. I think maybe I should just borrow a costume from my belly dancer friend, GC, and have a moment.

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