Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth of July to all who celebrate. Hope the heat isn't too bad where you are, the grill is full, and the fireworks spectacular.

No real plans over here, as family schedule is scattered, so I am spending a good deal of my day setting up a custom neighborhood experiment in The Sims2, and stomping around in a circle because...I am slumping again. Finished Bertrice Small's Lara, then Johanna Lindsey's A Loving Scoundrel, and then el slumpo. Nothing is holding my interest.

This is not for a lack of books; we're talking "water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink" here. I definetly need to pick up some more CBA titles -- there are Angela Hunt, Robin Lee Hatcher, Liz Curtis Higgs and Frank Perretti books I still need, and Ted Dekker, too...then there's the first in Lyn Cote's new historical series in the early 20th century. Book shopping -- of any sort-- will be possible for later in the week, but at the moment, it's me, apartment, bunch of books that are not making an effort to call me.

I've found that usually it's older historical romances or newer CBA fiction (of any genre) that will break me out of a slump. I also have a short list of books that I do want to get read "over the summer" but not in the mood to tackle them at the moment. In summers past, I've used time travels to while away the reading ennui; for some reason, they tend to get me back on track. Not that many time travels out there at the moment, and I'm picky about them; prefer modern character go back to pre-1800 era and stay there. Have never seen an inspirational historical time travel, but I've always thought Merline Lovelace's ancient Roman time travel would have been a great concept for an inspirational angle. So perhaps a pen and notebook to ponder.

Other than that, it's some reading meh. Tried a couple of historicals, couldn't get into them, so maybe it's me. Must paw through crates in attic and see what I can find.

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