Wednesday, June 29, 2005

First off, is it because I live under a rock that I only first heard Michael Buble on the Starbuck's commercial? Saw his It's Time CD in the library yesterday (got no books, more on that later, but stocked up on CDs and DVDs) Just popped it into my CD player, and Yes, yes, yes. The boy can sing. The retro thing is SO working for him that I will smack anyone who tells me he writes questionable letters to his veterinarian, married his stepaunt or has a compulsive Scrabble habit. Or that he lives in the 21st century. I do not need to know all of an entertainer's dirty laundry or real life doings. Let the boy sing and we'll all be happy.

Second, there's a thread on AAR's reviews board on what romance readers want from a hero. I'm going to have to read through all of the responses before I opine, but the original post gave me an idea for my 'someday' file. If I were going to do a "rake" hero (and if I may go off on a tangent for a moment, talk of "rakes" and "ho's" makes me wonder if we wouldn't like to move the discussion from the bookstore to the garden center. New terms needed, I tell you.) I'd do a real one. Not that it would be a sexually explicit book -- but it would deal with the aspects of such a lifestyle that might not often recieve treatment in romance as we know it.

Yes, I'd want to deal with the children such a man may have created. Diseases? Emotional entanglements? Broken hearts along the way? What happens to the married women involved in said affairs? What about their husbands whom he may still come across in social or professional circles? How much of himself did he give aways, and does he need those parts now?

Come to think of it, it might be something to explore in an inspirational historical. I'd love that. Will give it a good think when I finish OitS.

In the meantime, I surrender. I am a fangirl. Must buy Buble CDs.


E. Catherine said...

Ah, the rake. Yeah, I would welcome such a book. Another thing that annoys me about the Quinn books is that "oh Hero is a Rake and omg, he's so naughty!" and well no, he turns out to be not so much a rake. Wash, rinse, repeat. Though the hero in When He Was Wicked is a bit more rakey.

Anna said...

The common Fake Rake, often seen in the company of his female counterpart, the Faux Ho. I'd prefer it in storyworld if one either is or is not. The fake stuff, at least for me, is getting tired and could use a lie-down.