Saturday, July 09, 2005

First, big hugs and fervent prayers for those in the UK. Our hearts are with you.

On a lighter note, I hope to get bloggier in the week to come. I'm out of the middle of the book, or at least in very end of middle, heading toward beginning of end phase, and I'm feeling good about that. Confident. I can see the end in sight, and apart from a few small details, I know where everything goes. Good place to be.

Once I'm a bit farther along, I need to set my sights on the next project. I know I'll be going back to TWR as my WIP (enough anagrams today? I prefer not to use them at all, but very rushed at the moment) but I'll need a new book as well. Maybe the next Bedford book to be ready while My Outcast Heart (full title, hah!) is still around. My nag group insists I look at a partial from a few years ago, which I will, but I make no promises.

Still stuck on the whole "branding" thing -- eep, is it really neccessary? I asked the nag group gals, and I'm afraid, that while flattering, "well written" isn't going to work as a brand.

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