Thursday, July 14, 2005

Middle of my writing time, and only the feline is around, so I think I have most of my brain back.

Just got off the phone with my cover artist, and we are so very much on the same page that I am delighted. Of course the cover is due at the same time he and his wife expect their next baby to be born (talk about timing!) Some art talk, a wee bit of discussion on the next book and I got to effuse over the Patrick Stewart version of THE LION IN WINTER. (Which is utterly gorgeous; go rent it now.) We’re still both open to different concepts, but we have the same favorite, which I think is a good sign.

Which brings me to the forgotten points from yesterday. What makes for a good cover for you? What elements say "romantic?" Not sexy, not sweet, romantic. Which brings me to my ongoing quest for branding.
One would think that as the daughter of an advertising executive (dad was an art director for decades, and was and is a fine artist on his own) I’d have a better handle on these things. What is a reader going to get when they pick up one of my novels? Historical romance, yes, but what kind? I’m stumped on that. I know what my stories are like inside my head, but to put that into a brand? Augh. Pass the chocolate covered gummi bears (they are the solution for all annoyance, except weight gain, but since I am officially down a size, bring them on!)

I told DH about this last night (after making him listen to the gothic idea that pounced me, which I was furiously scribbling while he was trying to serve dinner and needed to know why I was grunting at him)and his response: "good." I love this man. Then, "if you were a guy, we could say ‘gritty.’" I’m not a guy, but that would fit. And yes, I would like some cheese with that whine. It’s grocery day. Swiss, please.

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