Thursday, June 02, 2005

I haven’t been reading much lately. I know the biggest factor is that I’ve been catsitting at two different places, which I love. It also left me exhausted, stinky (four litterboxes, people) and envying those who can take naps on the windowsill, in the middle of the floor, or high on a shelf in the basement. Cats are the masters of "me" time, both ensuring that they get it, and making the most of it. I think we could learn from them in that respect.

But reading. I was overtired last night, exhausted but couldn’t sleep. Ended up reading snippets from a back issue of Romance Writer’s Report, the RWA magazine. Don’t remember much about what I read, but I do know that it was lovely to read something.

This got me wondering, does anyone else have a hard time getting back into reading after a few days (or more) of not? Not for lack of want; I’d love to let a good book devour me, and I get to start on Jo Beverley’s DEVILISH right after I finish her SECRETS OF THE NIGHT, and I have a batch of great-looking older titles waiting for me, as a gift from a travelling friend.

I’ve been talking with friends about books online, in email and on loops/boards. I have tons of can’t-wait-to-read-them books at the ready, and even found a Ted Dekker book that I’d forgotten I have, and hadn’t read yet. All of Karen Ranney’s Scottish Lords books. Marsha Canham’s latest medieval, and Rebecca Brandewyne’s THE NINEFOLD KEY. Not to mention Beverley medievals, Mary Reed McCalls, Tina St.Johns, and many many more.

Headed off to a nice warm soak with a good book, hoping this will shake off the non-reading. I know I write better when I’m reading, so that, along with the overtiredness, brings you today’s crab. Talk amongst yourselves; I hope to be reading.


Kat said...

Hey Puds! I'm sorry you're not reading. As for me, I'm reading voraciously! I do know what you mean, though, as there are often weeks on end I want to read but just can't find anything to grab my attention enough.

I've been on an historical kick. I found another author I've been avidly reading books by. Her name is Julianne MacLean. I've read the first three of her series, and am anxiously awaiting at least two more.

Have been very busy lately - my 25th high school class reunion was last weekend, and one of my school friends and her kids were in town for six days, so I spent much of the time with them. I had a day's rest, and now a cousin is visiting for a week. There's no rest for the weary, is there?

"E" me when you have the chance...I miss you!

E. Catherine said...

I am eating books left and right at the moment it seems, and agree with you that I write better when I'm reading. There are times when it's hard to get back into reading, so I know what you mean there. Just like writing for me--the longer I don't do it, the easier it is to let it sit.