Sunday, May 29, 2005

The first thing I saw was a fluffy orange butt making tracks for the bedroom. At the same time, two big green eyes pleaded with me to obtain the herb that promised instant delight and uninhibited rolls across the floor. Since I couldn't be in two places at once, I placated Francesca with a sprinkle of the dried leaves she craved and hunkered down with the packet of same to coax Michelangelo (he of the fluffy orange butt) out from under the bed. He's a coy one, he is, nicknamed "the hidey boy" by his mama, and he's certainly earned the appellation. The last time we did this, he hid for three days before finally allowing me to give him the attention he desperately craved.

So begins the first day of catsitting. Francesca was thrilled to see me, since she knows catsitter = catnip. Michelangelo, his mama had told me, had already started hiding the day before. ::sigh:: Thankfully catnip gets him out, and keeps them both well occupied while I spiff up their dish area and portion out the canned and the dry. I usually bring writing, editing or critting to work on while I check in on them; they like to help by sitting reallyreallyreally close. So if crit notes come back with a sprinkling of orange or black and white cat hair, or notations that there really should be more tuna and belly rubs, that's where it comes from.

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Temperley said...

LOLOLOL!!! That's just too cute!