Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm having an image problem. Not me exactly (I'm the one with the long red hair, and there is no such thing as too many broomstick skirts and except for boots, I do not own shoes with backs.) -- my website. The one I've been hiding from since January. (Has it been that long? It has? Eek.) Time to pack it all in and give it a more professional and less schizophrenic makeover. Which has me putting on my thinking cap (it's a lovely sage green brocade, with long tassel and lappets) -- I need one cohesive image to convey me/my books/my writing.

The budget? Beg talented graphic designer friend. (wave hi, Kat) That said, a few questions I'd love your answers for; there are more, but this should be good for a start:

What do you look for, visually, in an author website?

What images convey "historical romance" (other than people) (added: the first book is colonial, but I write in a range of periods)

what should images tell a reader about the tone or content of the novel? About the author?

What historical romance authors' sites do you find particularly appealing?

Any questions I should have asked, but didn't?


Temperley said...

I like Laura Lee Guhrke's website. Elegant and to the point. Plus, the yellow is a big plus for me, since most websites are either black or white. Julia Quinn's matches her tone and her books, so you should think about that. Reader wise, I only want to see the books you've written, whether books are connecting and read some excerpts as well as what's coming down the pipeline. Authorwise(which really isn't that important in the long run), I want to know your writing progress and methods.

E. Catherine said...

Did you get my email on this?