Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Actually reading again, huzzah. Bertrice Small's Lara and a 70s gothic, The Slashed Portrait by Jeanne Hines (aka Valerie Sherwood.) One new, one old. Both by authors who first got me started in this genre. Both something a bit different than their historicals, too. Lara takes place on the World of Hetar, which seems to be an alternate earth. Over a hundred pages in and I don't think we've seen any sign of a hero yet, but I can be patient. The Slashed Portrait is contemporary to its period (early 70s) which does make for interesting reading.

Knowing the voices and styles of each author, it's also fun to pick up and see what was echoed or expanded on later, what's a kiss to the past, or a particular turn of phrase, etc.

I always do write better when I'm reading, and when I'm doing art, so since I've been doing much of the latter over the last couple of days, writing is going well. Feels good to be back in the saddle again, so to speak. Though I could do without the high heat and humidity. Ah well, more reason to park self in front of fan and read.

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