Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Slow day getting started, but I think having yesterday's strange schedule is giving me a little fallout. Usually, the day after something like that, it takes an afternoon to get back on keel, but then it goes fine. Spent a little time sitting on the floor, making a card for a stamping friend who recently moved out of state. Actually got to use some of the new paper I snagged on Saturday, so I liked that.

Need to get things together for nag group tomorrow night. Of course, since last we met, I got the request from Awe-Struck, which means my query is now a submission, and that puts other queries on hold until I get a yea or nay. Also puts a question mark on the agent queries, but I can make that one of my questions for group.

Very snacky today...hormones, ugh. Better quit goofing off and get back to connecting my Holland scenes.

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