Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Contracts in the envelope, sealed and ready to go. The fact that there have been other human beings breathing my air during my usual work hours keeps me a bit unsettled, but things should clear out soon, and then I am taking a notebook into the bath with me. Gauranteed quiet time, unless the cat busts in. Which she has been known to do.

Nag group tonight in which we celebrate. Family and friends have been amazing in sharing my joy in this week. (Pause while cat busts in to get put in lap) Group still has the ability to physically harm me if I arrive with unmet goals from last week, at least some progress on same. Hopefully they'll help me with some brainstorming to get a better handle on my bad guy from Simon and Jonnet's story; he's not jelling, which means something is off.

Also playing with hauling the half-finished women's fiction prequel to My Outcast Heart -- Dalby's mother's story-- out of mothballs and reworking it into a romance so it can join the family as it were. I know off the top of my head at least one other story that could spin off from that, maybe two. Though Simon and Jonnet are my main focus right now, along with a return to the saga I'm doing with a collaborator.

But first, the important stuff. New awaphue shampoo, so must wash hair.

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