Thursday, July 22, 2004

Had one of those days yesterday wherein most of the day was spent smacking head against keyboard and finding excuses to visit one more Sims site (hey, I did lose some nifty and needed items on an uninstall before installing Unleashed) but then, boom.  One of those flashes that in an instant explains everything I'd been fussing over, why I couldn't grab onto the bad guy's character.
Oh, I'd gotten his character, his general appearance, gestures, most of his motivation, but something was eluding me, and then, bammo.  It was there, everything fell into place, and when I looked up next, it was six pages later, and my friend Michele had arrived to whisk me off to our nag group.  I hadn't had a chance to read it before reading it aloud to the group, but the scene worked on every level, and though I was one tired puppy, that's one tired and happy puppy.  So yes, definetly in the groove now.  (Which is why I am currently bopping around for some new Sim houses. Plus I need a downtown shower and better beds.)  Of course this flash means I do have to make changes to the family tree it took me forever to get up for the main characters, but right is right.

Husband should be working tonight, so after I take the bottles in for recycling, I can organise the stuff I'm critting and  hopefully be able to dig into my vintage TBR pile for some inspiration.  Last week, I found a copy (oh joy, oh bliss) of Morgan Llwellyn's The Wind From Hastings, which I read for the first time the day before my senior fall semester at college started (I won't say how many years ago that was) and found myself so transported into the medieval world that I didn't care the dorm's electricity wasn't on yet.  Or I hadn't noticed if it were.  I want to write books that absorbing.

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