Monday, July 05, 2004

Had an art day today, which is the polite way of saying I sat on the floor while a marathon of Style Star ran, and played with my newest purchase, a pad of distressing ink in "old paper." Mostly artistically tore images from an old black and white Star Trek the Next Generation calendar (used to be a big-time Trek fan, over that now, but like to recycle some images when I can) to eliminate the "Trek" look (which mostly means keeping the faces, and that's it) and then ageing the images with the distressing ink. Must get more of that.

There's something about sitting cross-legged on the floor with the TV on, ripping and inking and crumpling and stamping that is creative yet word-free, which lets the story portion of my brain go off on its own thing and report back to me later. Phew, long sentence, but that's what happens. Will let that stuff percolate in my brain for a while and then get to writing either later tonight or early in the AM. Depending on whether I fall asleep next to a good book. Pushed it last night and actually fell asleep with a handful of coloured pencils. Husband thought it was adorable. I thought I should have learned when to go to bed by now, but when I'm in a groove I like to keep going.

Hopefully that will carry over into the week's writing, because I'm excited over the way the Jonnet and Simon stuff is going. Much goodness.

Finished the Kate Silver book, and that puts me in my "why is this an undesirable period again?" mode. No, this trilogy couldn't possibly have worked if it were anything but Musketeers in 17th century France, but there are going to be some readers who glance at the blurbs, see no rakish dukes, no plain bluestocking spinsters, no Regency anything and pass on by. Which means more for me, but still...

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