Monday, June 21, 2004

Since I am currently at the mercy of the eight-pound cat in my lap who can somehow increase her mass at will, here's a list of what I netted at the library sale this Saturday:

The Ideal Husband -- Shari Anton (medieval)
Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch -- Haywood Smith (women's fiction)
Doing Good -- Pamela Morsi (Women's fiction)
The Fairy Godmother -- Mercedes Lackey (fantasy, Harlequin Luna)
A Garden in the Rain -- Lynn Kurland (modern/medieval time travel)
The Seducer
The Charmer
The Saint
The Sinner --above four Madeline Hunter, early 19th cent historical series

Speak to Me of Love -- Robin Lee Hatcher (CBA historical, late 19th century)


Sidonie said...

I'd say that you netted a fine catch of books. I personally loved The Seducer out of all of the books, with The Charmer coming in a close second. But I agree that if someone doesn't like the romance genre, that is one more book that I can grab at a library sale.

Anna said...

I think I did pretty well. Glad you mentioned THE SEDUCER. I popped that in my purse this morning, since I peeked at the opening pages, and they called to me.