Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Since our local cable service is giving us a free preview of the Noggin channel, this means only one thing to me: Degrassi, The Next Generation. I make no bones about the fact that I was already an adult by the time the first round of Degrassi shows came on the air, but as soon as I found out that some of the original "kid" characters were going to be on the new show as adults, I was already hooked. Joey and Caitlin, definetly. I always thought something could stir between Spike (actually Christine, for those not familiar with the series) and Snake (aka Archie) though they ran in different circles in school, and now in their adult years, with Spike/Christine the mother of young teen Emma (whom she had when a teen herself) and Snake/Archie a teacher at the same school he attended, it's bliss. Especially since I just so happened to stumble across the episode with their wedding in it. The episode is called "White Wedding," and that, my friends, is a romance.

Two, actually, as Joey and Caitlin are putting out feelers after they crashed and burned as teens in lurve, and are both single again, both back in town. Showing my age, yes, but love stories are timeless, and that one hour of film fed my romantic creative brain. So may have to look into getting that channel just for that.

Yeah, I think there are some kids on the show that are doing stuff, too, but I'm watching the adults. Knowing the characters' history from when they were young teens and up to their current thirtysomething selves resonates with me. I want to know and let readers know, my characters that well. One scene that especially snagged that feeling was at Snake's bachelor party, when he and Joey were talking, and though a new viewer wouldn't notice, this longtime fan did. There was a gaping hole there, the third musketeer, so to speak, Wheels (Derek) was missing. Shunned by his former friends when he caused a drunk driving accident after graduation, Wheels (pardon the pun) continued to spin out of control. We know he's been in jail, we know he's been injured, but the worst pain of all is that we know he needs that friendship, and it would be hard to regain.

Of course the VCR was down so I couldn't tape it. Grumblesigh.

Nag group tonight. Agent-who-has-my-full has been duly nudged, now it's in her court. Sending out queries for My Outcast Heart, the colonial, but for some reason, a colonial-set story, told in first person, with a subtle spiritual thread, is kind of hard to place. As my friend Edna would say, "oh, well." Keep pitching it until someone catches, and keep writing on the stories I have to tell. I probably could write a funny Regency, but I'd hate it, and that wouldn't be doing anyone any favors. So on I charge, back in century 17, headed for Holland.

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