Friday, June 25, 2004

Found a lovely place that will probably be my "base camp" while dogsitting this weekend. Jazz and Skweeker, my charges, are content to lie about on whatever floor is nearest me (or a breeze, but preferably both) so they're easily adaptable. Since their humans are moving soon, the master bedroom where I usually sleep when overnight sitting is otherwise occupied, and they put me in the kids' room. Niiiiiice soft bed there. Bunkbed, actually, and man oh man did I love my bunkbed when I was a kid. Top and bottom both have their appeal, and with the hope chest next to the bed at perfect level to hold my horde of books, I am one happy woman.

Currently finishing Madeline Hunter's THE SEDUCER, and next will likely be Haywood Smith's QUEEN BEE OF MIMOSA BRANCH. Though her previous books had been historical romances, set in a variety of eras/places, which I loved, loved, loved, Ms Smith switched to women's fiction after some personal changes, so I'm curious to see how much of what I liked about the other books carried over to this new genre. After that, it's back to historicals again. Most likely the first book in Jane Kirkpatrick's early frontier series. Would have to step over two sleeping dogs to get to my book bag to check the title, so will do that later.

Kirkpatrick is one of the few writers who will entice me to read outside of my preferred eras, and for the most part, it's easier for a CBA writer to do this for me than an ABA one. Still not sure why, other than the CBA books have the spiritual component. I love the way Jane Kirkpatrick weaves it in seamlessly and intricately. Nobody wants to be bonked over the head with anything. That's how I want to get my content in; as an inherent part of the book and characters and their love story.

Have blocked out some time (doggies willing) for work on my next Simon and Jonnet scene, as my critique group is fully capable of doing me the promised bodily harm if I do not. They are a true blessing and a great motivator.

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