Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday at the Movies #85 - Ironically Oscar

It's Showtime!
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I say "Ironically Oscar" (different from "Ironically, Oscar," which would be an interesting opening line for something) becuase I opened this file at exactly the time the Oscars coverage started. Without, might I add, planning it that way, and with the exception of The King's Speech, which was eligible for last year's awards (oh, Colin Firth, you are excellent at everything in that movie)I don't remember the last Oscar-nominated film I've seen. Yep, still live a five minute walk from the multiplex and still very rarely go. In full disclosure, I must admit that I am watching last year's Puppy Bowl at this very moment, specifically Kitty Halftime.

The last week has seen sick hubby, recovering hubby, laptop that is either suicidal or showing its age, the final week of CORW's Book in Six Weeks program (my first time co-running the same) as well as judging the Golden Heart entries sent to me for this year (and looking forward to CORW's Golden Acorn, which will be landing on my desk soon)as well as crits for a long term critique partner, and that writing thing I've been told I do. Phew. Sounds like exactly the right time to sit in the dark with a tasty snack and have somebody tell me a story.

I don't watch the Oscars, and I'm not sure I can say why. I do get excited about the nominations (also the Emmys and People's Choice Awards) and envision which actors wait anxiously for the fateful phone call to announce their nomination, staring at the phone with a running chant of "ringringringringringringringringring,(expletive deleted)you (expletive deleted)" and which slumber peacefully on, because really, there are so many wonderful people doing so much amazing work that they themselves don't stand a snowball's chance in....huh? Who could be calling at this time of morning....OMGOMGOMG, this is THE phone call!

Ahem. Not that I've ever imagined which of the above I would be, should I somehow ever be eligible for the Academy's attention. Seeing as how I write romance novels, write about romance novels, and tell people who kissed on TV (the current way I describe my occupation when asked by new acquaintances)that is not likely to happen, but I have learned never to say never. Besides, who doesn't love a good period drama, especially one with a British setting? Nor have I ever mentally planned what I would wear to walk the red carpet...but if you're asking, I'm going to say vintage-inspired black lace over nude satin with patent leather ankle strap stilettoes, statement earrings and a fuschia clutch bag for a splash of color. Nothing the Fashion Police would pick to death or put in their worst dressed spotlight. Just to be sure, though, I would want to walk the carpet after Bjork and in front of whoever showed up in a sweatshirt and jeans. I call it the palate cleanser effect, and that would be heightened even further by my DH's classic tux. The man does know how to dress.

But I digress, and this is getting long, and yes, I do know that the image at the top is for last year's awards, but it's been that kind of week. Nobody's bleeding or on fire, so I'm calling it a good one...and keeping an eye out for the who-wore-whats of tonight's festivities. Okay, and who actually got to take home the statues. How about you, faithful readers? Do you watch the Oscars? Do you agree with this year's winners or nominees? Any predictions for next year?

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