Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Dance Friday #83 - Allow Me to Explain Through Interpretive Dance

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The cold still holds, snow is on the way (finally!) and there's a Walking Dead marathon this weekend, in anticipation of the season premiere. Oh, and it's Friday. This week's offerings actually come from my inability to remember who uploaded a Sims2 version of this t-shirt, which really does need to be in my wardrobe at some point.

It should be plain enough by now that there is no escaping the need for a happy dance:

That goes for day or night...

"Don't Turn Off The Lights" is very good advice. Nobody can see your awesome happy dance in the dark. Well, unless you have glow sticks.

So "Crank That" music up, find an open space and get your happy dance on. You made it to Friday!

For more happy dancing gents and friends, visit shoby2672's channel on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
I find that when I'm feeling low, if I dance ... I feel better. Every Friday I do the It's Friday dance and as I move my arms around (like I'm stirring a pot of soup)and sing "It's Friday, It's Friday", my pugs run around in circles as they dance with me. We all look forward to doing the Friday Dance.
Gerri Brousseau

Anna Carrasco Bowling said...

Hi, Gerri,

I've found the same thing. Getting up and moving really helps. The dance brings the happy. How fun that your pugs dance with you. That must be something to see. Pugs seem like they're doing a perpetual happy dance most of the time.