Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday at the Movies #84 - Awake

What if you could have the two things you love most in this world...but not at the same time?

That's the problem faced by our hero, Detective Michael Britten, when he's in a car accident along with his wife, Hannah, and their son, Rex. The first time waking up after a huge and unwanted life change is always a jolt, but what if that happened every day? For Det. Britten, that's exactly what it is. Every time he wakes, he wakes to one of two different realities. Either Hannah is alive and Rex is dead, or Rex is alive and Hannah is dead.

Every day, Det. Britten wakes to the opposite reality from the day before, and his life takes two different paths. Different partners at work, different therapists to help him deal with his losses. In one life, he and Hannah discuss having another child after losing Rex, and in another, our grieving widower hero begins to feel romantic stirrings for another woman. As disconcerting as that can be, he also finds he's able to make connections between his two lives, enabling him to solve previously impossible cases in both worlds. Which life is real and which the hallucination?

I have to admit, they had me right at the concept, but the cast drive it home Jason Isaacs (British actor playing American character alert)plays Det. Britten, while B.D. Wong, From Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, as one of his therapists makes me do a happy fangirl squee with flailing arms and everything. Then add Steve Harris, from The Practice, and Wilmer Valderrama, from That 70's Show, as our hero's partners, and this has the makings of appointment TV.

What do you think, faithful readers? Will you be staying awake for Awake?

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