Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday at the Movies #71 - More to be viewed

As I've said, I can walk to a multiplex in five minutes and I can't remember the last time I was there. This is often the case; visits to the cinema are few and far between, but I love movies. While I do like going with friends, my favorite way to watch a movie in the theater is solo. My choice of snack (and it's different depending on the movie -popcorn is a classic, but if I'm with a friend who does not do popcorn and likes to share the snack they chose, you can see my dilemma) and zero interruptions, no other voices in my head. For me, that's sitting in the dark and having someone tell me a story at its best. I am perfectly content to sit next to someone I love dearly, in the dark, and have no interpersonal communication whatsoever for the course of the story, then go somewhere to have an actual meal and analyze the film in detail afterwards. Since there is a pizza place directly across from said cinema, it's not a long walk.

Three new additions to my to be viewed list this week, and one substitution.

I have never seen Justin Timberlake act before, but In Time takes a literal spin on the "time is money" concept and the visuals are sharp and distinctive, so that's enough to catch my interest.

Anonymous gave me a little hesitation -I'm not big on fictionalized biographies or speculation of this sort- but the visuals, again, are what sold me. There's a distinct mood here, and the taut, dramatic tone adds to the Anna-bait. Elizabethan England? Check. Drama? Check. Writerly angst? Check. Gorgeous costumes and cinematography? Check and check. Pass the popcorn.

Immortals is aimed directly at the mythology-obsessed kiddo I was, or rather the adult that kid grew into .-sprawling epic myth with drama and adventure.

Which brings us to the substitution. When I'd first heard that there would be a new Three Musketeers movie, I was excited. With Orlando Bloom? Double excited. 3D? Well, okay, I guess. Wait, airship? Milady DeWinter doing a limbo slide underneath daggers flying out from the walls? Ummmm....yeah, about that. Visuals are lovely, but no, Orlando, not even for you. I would love to see a great steampunk romantic adventure on the big screen, but this isn't it. Alexandre Dumas does not need the help.

Instead, I'll be hunting down the 1974 version. Richard Chamberlain, Michael York, Faye Dunaway, Raquel Welch, the sheer gorgeosity that is the all-white ball...right now, this rings my chimes much more than what I've seen of the reimagined version. Yes, I know this version took liberties with the original text as well, and YMMV, but this is my blog, and that's my pick.

What are you planning on viewing in the near future?


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, My favorite movie snack is Twislers! Right now I'm bracing for the first Nor'Easter of the season to hit (can you believe it?). There are a few movies out right now I'm itching to see ... The Run Diaries (Because I adore Johnny Depp) and Puss in Boots (because Antonio's voice is like being wrapped in a velvet blanket). I'm picky about movies. I'm not a fan of slasher movies and dislike them. I am, however, counting the days until the release of Breaking Dawn (part 1). I love vampires.
Gerri Brousseau

Anna Carrasco Bowling said...

Hi, Gerri. I love Twizzlers, too, and I'm definitely planning on Puss and Boots. I hadn't planned on The Rum Diaries, but there is the Johnny Depp factor, so who knows?

I can't do slasher movies, either, but a bit more on that in Monday's post. Though I haven't caught the Twilight bug, vampires do have a certain appeal. Maybe I'll have to pop in my Moonlight DVD during the storm.