Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #70 - Derek Hough and Stuff

This one's for Gerri. Derek! Julianne! What are you doing down there in the basement? Knock it off. You're never going to get anywhere in life carrying on like that!

Okay, that phrase was probably not uttered in the Hough household, as both parents and all four grandparents were dancers, but I'm still going to imagine it that way. Whichever hypothetical parent yelled that down the stairs was, I am happy to say, dead wrong. Last week, we saw what Julianne's been up to, so this week it's her brother's turn.

Besides being a three time Dancing With the Stars champion,

Derek is an Emmy-nominated choreographer:

as well as an actor and musician:

Performers who are gracious and appreciative of their fans are always worth a happy dance. Manners count, people. Which is a lesson that would have been right at home on Full House - give this acapella version of the theme song a listen and try to resist the bouncy mood. Can't? Nope, me neither. Happy Friday.


Anonymous said...

WOW! For me? I'm honored and certainly doing the happy dance now! I don't usually think blonde men are hot, but I take exception with Derek Hough. Handsome, talented, and can he move! (~sigh~) If I were only 30 years younger! Thank you for making my weekend! Gerri

Anna Carrasco Bowling said...

My pleasure, Gerri. Derek Hough certainly is exceptional, isn't he? Might be inspirational for a future romance hero, at that.

Aaron thomas said...

great one man!! keep up the write there really good

Anna Carrasco Bowling said...

Thanks, Aaron. I plan on it.