Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday at the Movies #65 - Seasonally appropriate

Nope, not summer flicks; I'm on the east coast, so it's all about Irene. Realistically, I am more likely to be watching Moonlight or HIMYM episodes or Brideshead Revisited this weekend, but were I to theme a private film festival around the weather, I submit the following for consideration:

I know reviews of this one were all wet, but it's still on my to be viewed list:

The title alone begs inclusion:

A far reach back into the vaults for this one, but plot and title apply:

Absolutely cannot believe I have not yet seen Bogey and Bacall in this one, but soon:

Okay, my first exposure to the classic mentioned above was the song below, but it's also a good reminder that storms will pass. Be safe, East Coasters, and see you on the other side of Irene.

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