Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #61 - Melanie Wins!

My reaction to the verdict:
 - They see me dancin', they hatin'...
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 animated gif - Boingy Boingy Boingy
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I had an inkling from the first audition that Melanie had a good chance of taking the whole thing:

Melanie, performing at a Dancers Responding to AIDS benefit:

No surprise at all why she had multiple judge's favorite dances (as did runner up Sasha, who will get her love her next week because she is also awesome) but the one I wanted to see (and darnit, they didn't call *me* for a favorite dance pick, but then again, the gals did only perform it the night before) was Stacey Tookey's repressed housewives story - because that's what it was. I could read the whole story of two friends supporting each other in wanting something more than what they've been told they can have, but still held back by the fear of the unknown. I could read the "I want/but no, we can't/but I still want" fight within both characters together and separately, and again, when Melanie, in the dark, turns and looks back over her shoulder, beyond the fence, my heart, it breaks.

In the very nice coincidence department, a song from the playlist from one of my WIPs -where the heroine actually was named Melanie long before Ms. Moore auditioned-:

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