Friday, August 05, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #60 - one week to finale

Can we be at the end already? Gah. No. Feels like we're only getting started, but it is exciting to know who our final four will be.

No doubt at all why Melanie and Tadd are both in the finale, and the Spencer Liff Broadway routine gets my idea hamster running:

Sasha absolutely cemented her place in the top four with this routine with all star Kent and one lucky wall:

Rounding out the final four, we have Marko, here with Caitlynn, who was thisclose, but when the other two females are Sasha and Melanie, um, yeah. But Marko:

I will miss Ricky's solos, which I liked better than his partner work, but, well, when the other two guys are Marko and Tadd, see above:

Lovely to see Christina Applegate as a guest judge, and extra points because she does have dance credentials as well as being flat out gorgeous and endearingly enthusiastic.

I am ashamed to say I had never heard of the Bad Boys of Dance before, but now that they're on my radar, I must investigate:

As for winner predictions, this year is going to be a tough one. My gut says either Sasha or Melanie, and it will be thisclosebetweenthem. Really no bad way to fall for this one. Is it bad of me to want it to be Melanie a leeeeetle more solely for her facial expressions when she receives good news?

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