Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #62 - Love for Sasha

If there were ever a year that I wanted SYTYCD to end in a tie, it was this one. Choosing between Melanie and Sasha is nigh on impossible, so even though the show had to pick, I'm giving Sasha her moment in the sun here.

Classical ballet training? Backup dancer for Adam Lambert's tour? Alvin Ailey training? No. Freaking. Surprise. For any of it.

Oh hedgehog-haired beauty, I sometimes forget my age, too, but I can only do Travis Wall choreography in my dreams.

On a semirelated note, I officially declare (since this has been the first entirely Mia Michaels-free season) the mantle of "contemporary choreographer who can rip my heart out every single time" has been passed from Mia Michaels to Travis Wall. :touches Mr Wall on shoulders with tip of scepter:

Back to Sasha. Christina Applegate was completely right. Sasha can put her finger on a wall and break the audience's heart. Whatever it was she went through (and if I were to later find out that Ms Mallory has Method training, I will not be at all surprised) that she drew on for this performance, I want to give her a standing ovation for surviving it with beauty, grace and strength. I know I've shared this one before, but it bears repeating. Sasha holds her own with Kent Boyd, which is a tall, tall order. This is one of the great ones. For the duration of this dance, we live in their world.

I could gush about how great it is to find a female dancer with such a strong sense of self, but it's better to show it with one of her solos.

What I love about her most, though, is that she has her head and heart in the right place with strong family ties. Her love for and friendship with sister and fellow dancer, Natalia, shines through bright and clear. Next year, I want to see Sasha superbusy, juggling duties as an All Star (I hope I hope I hope) and supporting Natalia when she gets her chance in the top twenty (more hope more hope more hope.)

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