Monday, October 04, 2010

Strange New Developments

Now that my September online workshop, From Fanfiction to Fantastic Fiction, has wrapped, I'm looking at developing a level two course, which is brand new territory for me. Students of this class and writing friends have all had good suggestions, which I'm considering and I have a file started on what the course should include.

Which brings more questions. If I'm going to discuss tools that I've used in my transition to original fiction, such as the enneagram system, character archetypes, birth order, etc, do I need permission from the sources of those tools? I do already have one character worksheet I intend to use, and have permission from the originators of that, so all set there.

Though I've moderated a two-month class before, I've never taught one. That alone will be a challenge, but the subject matter is dear to me. While writing fanfic, I met several friends who have stayed with me throughout the transition to original fiction (actually at a write-in with one of them now. :waves at MP Barker:) and it's a sure bet I will be picking their brains to get input and maybe even a few quotes for the new course.

So, dear readers, do you now, or have you ever commited fanfic? For those who have, and are now writing original fiction, what skills did you pick up there that are serving you well now? Any advice for fanficcers who aspire to boldly go into realms of their own?

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