Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday at the Movies #21 - Movie related meanderings

My brain refused to search for clips this weekend, as I'm focused on some voice (writing, not singing; my not singing is, I believe, covered in the Geneva Convention) exercises, but it did get me to thinking.

Icon above taken from a promotional shot from the dear departed New Amsterdam tv series. Definitely in need of a closeup of its own, and that will come in time. While it is good that I can watch all the episodes (all whopping eight of them, and I will throw extremely buttery popcorn at the screen -and then immediately wipe the butter off because smudges drive me crazy- at the end of the extremely disappointing cliffhanger last episode) I still want the DVD. The DVD that will never be, I'm quite sure.

This sort of thing vexes me, and I do get vexed a lot. As I've mentioned earlier, I live about a five minute walk from a multiplex. I have not been there since The Lovely Bones was near the end of its theatre run. Shocking? I do love movies, and I prefer to go alone, so I get absolute say over the snacks (type and amount) and beverage (what goes in must come out and movies do not have commercial breaks, so I like to go dry) and where to sit (as close to the screen as possible; I like my movies BIG.) So why don't I go?

I often say that I'm saving my movie money to pay to reanimate the corpse of Ismail Merchant. My favorite sort of movie is the period drama. Mega bonus points if it's an original story as opposed to a fictionalized biography. If the BBC could make theatrical movies for American cinema, I'd be over the moon. Since that isn't happening anytime soon, and I'm not one for horror, gross-out comedy, action or SF/F, that pretty much locks me out. Things go in cycles. In time, my sort of movies will come around again.

In the meantime, I am looking at the DVD section at Target. There's the first season of Law and Order UK that activates my drool reflex. Any seasons of Psych and Monk could be considered as equally for myself and DH. Even though I already have Moonlight, I have been known to pet any copies in stock. The first season of Highlander is on my office shelf, and the "movie" of the two part episode Counterfeit as well. Subsequent seasons need to come home, as do two through six of my all time favorite, Lost. I haven't yet tried Mad Men, though probably some day.

What I want out of a movie, no matter the format or genre, is very basic. I want to shut out the world, sit in the dark and have somebody tell me a story. The rest of the world can fend for itself for two hours at a time.

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