Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Dance Friday #9 (#9#9#9#9#9#9#9#9#9#9)

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Extra points for those who caught the Beatles reference. I can't believe we're at our ninth dance party here, but since Fridays keep on coming, music, please.

I still haven't seen this week's SYTYCD, but we'll start with a favorite from seasons past, Ivan and Allison's contemporary tour de force to Annie Lennox's "Why."
This clip includes rehearsal footage, so for those who want to go straight to the finished product, it starts at 1:42.

The "other" dancing show, Dancing With the Stars, featured Savion Glover on their first superstars of dance segment. Greatest tap dancer in the world? Umm, yeah.

Another tap icon, dancer/actor Gregory Hines, from the opening sequence of the movie, Tap. Must now hunt this film down and watch the whole thing.
If one dancer, in a small, dark room (with furniture in it) can be that powerful, imagine what the whole movie must be like:

Another dance film I somehow never saw, but must - White Knights. Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov. In the same movie. Dancing. Together. Yep, must find and see. In the meantime, the opening ballet. (remember kids, don't smoke and dance)

Finally, for today, a classic of modern television - Alfonso Ribiero's Carlton dance:


Anonymous said...

I truly must see that movie! The opening ballet was incredible. Thank you so much for sharing, Anna.

Anna Carrasco Bowling said...

My pleasure, Kim. That ballet was breathtaking. I have got to track down the whole movie.

I'm already slotting other clips from that film for future Fridays.