Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Dance Friday #11 - Tango edition

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A dance for grownups this week.

Feeling a little punk? How about a punk take on the tango? Dancers Tomasz Mielnicki and J.T. Damalas carry this off rather well, I think.

SYTYCD's Allison and Ivan perform the Argentine tango, which is not the other kind of tango. There is a difference.

For pure spectacle (and a bit of education on the background of the tango) set to a creative take on a Sting classic, El Tango de Roxanne from Moulin Rouge

How about a three-person team tango? This from the Antonio Banderas film, Take the Lead.

The Cell Block Tango number from Chicago is dark, both in content and lack of light, which is the perfect foil for the dance. The spoken word portion in Hungarian is a jailed woman protesting her innocence.

One more Argentine tango, because watching Chelsie Hightower in her element is like watching birds fly...and can you believe Joshua Allen is not a ballroom dancer? Seriously? Natural talent there. It's all good.

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