Friday, July 09, 2010

Happy Dance Friday #10

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In celebration of actually being able to watch SYTYCD when it aired this week, we'll focus on some memorable performances that have that punch to the gut emotional impact. Carrie Lofty, this week is for you.

Not sure what's going on with Katee's hair, but I remember quite well being socked in the gut by hearing Adele's "Hometown Glory" for the very first time while watching Katee and Joshua in this Mia Michaels piece:

Kayla and Kupono's chemistry is amazing, as previously seen in their "Addiction" dance. "Eyes on Fire" has its own impact and I love the whole mood of the piece:

Melissa and Ade with Tyce D'Orio's choreography. There are no words:

With a song titled "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" how could I not count this Ryan and Ellenore performance?

Since Fridays are happy dance days, I'll include Mollee and Jakob:

For pure romantic value, Ashleigh and Ryan DiLillo, SYTYCD's first married couple finalists, connect the heck out of this Travis Wall piece. Actual performance ends at about 2:06 and then it's judges nattering.

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