Monday, November 28, 2005


What do you get when you combine the start of the holiday season, one husband on vacation, two elderly relatives, one close friend and her mother, one buffet restaurant open on Thanskgiving, three DVDs, one misbehaving laptop, a recalcitrant printer that won't talk to aforementioned laptop, Black Friday shopping, and repeated rounds of one undeliverable email? A) not much writing, B) my week, C) chocolate covered gummi bears. D) both A and B, but not C. E) all of the above.

The correct answer is D. No matter how much I wish it were C. Because chocolate covered gummi bears rival cinnamon buttons in their ability to smooth life's annoyances. Though I do have access to (calorie warning) chocolate covered peppermint cherry cordials.

Took today to work on the mumblemumbles I'm making for Christmas gifts this year, singing along to 70s radio. Call it *my* vacation. I love my DH dearly, though he is a night owl and I am the early bird's early bird. Add in a non-work week schedule, and it's not out of the question that by the time he's up and feeling human, I'm ready to pack it in and am unfit company for anyone I did not make in Create-a-Sim.

Though I didn't get a lot of writing done this week, I can highly recommend the movies About a Boy and Love Actually. (though hide the kiddies' eyes during one plotline of Love Actually) I am a sucker for Hugh Grant movies and British period dramas. As the DH will tell you, his view of every movie I love can be summed up as "blah blah blah, this horrible war is ruining my love life. Oh look, here comes Hugh Grant. Let's have some tea." His addendum is that if Hugh Grant dies in the war, that makes it a good movie. I don't know what this otherwise wonderful man has against Hugh. Maybe I should watch a few Pierce Brosnan movies to balance things out. At least Pierce has the 007 cachet. (Note, this is the same husband who brought home Batman Begins in October and we have yet to view it.)

This is the part where I notice that I've rambled. I have eaten -- a lot. Watched movies, enjoyed family and friends and selected retail establishment. We now enter into my very favorite part of the year. I will soon become Christmas crazed, which will give everything, writing included, a huge boost and relatives will keep feeding me hot chocolate with candy canes in hopes of amping my entertainment value. It will probably work.

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