Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Priming the Pump

Kicking self back into writing mode this AM, and blogging counts as writing, so here I am. Lucky you. ;)

Watched the finale of the BBC America series, Viva Blackpool, this morning, while doing email, and argh. While I was satisfied with some of the storylines, the big ones tanked for me. No spoilers for anyone who might have been following it, but ah, poor Ripley. I'm sure he'll be fine, but oy. I would've made things different for the poor bloke so he'd end up a bit better. Still, I loved getting a look at a new to me part of modern English life, the arcades of Blackpool, and the format of telling a personal/mystery/family story as a full on musical in the style of old Elvis movies with everyone breaking into elaborate song and dance numbers was wonderful. I'd recommend it.

But back to writing. Got an email from my delightful and talented friend, Kat (hi, Kat!) requesting information for a project she's doing, which in turn resulted in my checking the Awe-Struck site (www.awe-struck.net) and finding out that huzzah, My Outcast Heart is listed on the coming soon page, with cover and blurb and everything. Though I had to break out in scare-the-cat laughter because the book was listed as a Regency romance. It's set in colonial NY, a bit removed in both time and distance from Regency England. I know, I know, the word "Regency" makes sales, but truth in advertisting and all, so I wrote the powers that be and asked for "Regency" to be changed to "historical." Good way to get the adrenaline running first thing. Okay, two cups of chai helped, too.

Had another email from a past speaker at CORW, saying she'd been to my site and was pleased to see I had a book out. Said she'd be buying it, so that was a good boost. I love hearing about people buying my book. Good inspiration to keep fingers tippity tappiting on keyboard to put out more.


Kat said...

Halfway through the allotted time for working on the project, and I'm a little over half finished. So far, so good! I would have been even closer to the finish line but for the fact I had to do part of it over, and the logo was giving me fits. Will try my hardest to get a copy of the finished project to you asap.

Kat said...

I finished the project tonight, and though it isn't what I would have done without the restraints my teacher put on me, it'll work. Since I finished it tonight, my teacher said she'll have time to print out a copy for you too. I'll get it sent to you asap.

Anna said...

Sounds great, Puds! I'm sure your work is as gorgeous as always. I'm looking forward to seeing my copy. I'll be able to brag "I knew her when!"