Monday, November 14, 2005

If I may borrow a quote from the Serenity movie (which I have yet to see) "oh God oh God we're all gonna die." Okay, not really, but this proves it is a very good idea I not have people children, if this is how I get when a book baby is about to debut. I am one month and change from My Outcast Heart's release date of January sixth, and my brain is spinning. The cover is 97% ready -- I've seen what there is so far, it's gorgeous, there too much white on it? Probably not, but who knows how it will scan, and we're tight to the wire as it is. Deep breath. Pale grey. It's pale grey. Plus look at all the pretty blues, reds, browns and golds. Happy place. Happy place.

Review copies have gone out, reviews have not come in. Have I mentioned I do not do well on blank space? Kate Rothwell gave a fabulous quote, and I know those review copies are duking it out with everyone else's review copies, reviewers are busy, etc, etc, etc. Happy place.

Pause to guffaw at the irony of yesterday's message at church being about faith vs worry. Spot on, Pastor Mike. As usual. Think I better look up some of those verses again.

I'll be fine -- as the DH says, I have to "worry, sweat and die" about certain things and then I'll be fine. Will return to usual divalicious self and stop strangers on the street to inform them they will be buying my book, very soon.

Without the (technical) pressure of shooting for 50k for NaNo I'm finding the ideas come much easier for Gallowsbait, and I think I *may* have found a way to get some of my hero's POV in without sacrificing the tone. Kind of tricky when one wants to only set one foot inside a particular character's head -- and maybe not even all the toes, either. I do think it could work, though. Will press on and see.

Most of today so far has been spent uninstalling, installing, reinstalling, looking for drivers, and am now doing a driver download that only has eightish hours left. ::sigh:: But it's all progress, right? At least I have Word in now, so that makes the writing life muuuuuuuuuuuuch easier. All in all, it's a Monday, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Kat said...

Review copies went out, and I wasn't sent one? *gasp* must have gotten lost in the mail.

Just kidding. I know you had reasons for sending them to whomever you did, but I would have been ready, willing and able to do it for you. Maybe next time?

I'll be standing in line on the 6th for my sopy!

Kat said...

Sopy? Sorry! COPY. That's COPY! ;-P

Anna said...

But I wanted you to have a sopy! Not everyone gets a sopy, you know. ;) Review copies went out to established review sites/emags

email me and we'll talk about beta reading the current ms, hmm?

Marguerite Arotin said...

Anna, I just love your idea about the letters from hero. Love it.
I say go for it, I think it will work. Glad to hear your on a roll. Me too but I really like my heroine so I think that helps. She's got such a cool sense of humor and some wonderful comments about the world I stuck her in. It's fun having a heroine you can relate too, isn't it.
Oh and I want to to go see Serenity. I love the show. Okay tell me does Mal finally get together with the companion, Inara Sera. I was rooting for those two to get it on when I used to watch the show before the idiots at Fox canceled it. Well maybe I don't want to know oh who am I kidding, at least a hint would be nice :-)

Marguerite Arotin said...

Sorry about that, just read that you haven't seen it yet either. Well if you see it before I do, let me know, kay :-)?

Anna said...

Marguerite, I sure will let you know if I see Serenity first. I liked Mal and Inara, too. Though right now I'm trying to convince myself that the library really will send Reavers after me if I don't give them their copy of Brideshead Revisited back. Must buy my own. Have already informed DH that we ARE buying the DVDs of Firefly and Serenity. Silly Fox people, cancelling such a fabulous show.